Property Insurance

Insurance covers property damage from fires, disasters, and theft, helping businesses recover and move forward.

Who is Property Insurance for?

Property insurance is necessary for property owners and lessees. It protects your building, contents, and exterior fixtures from unexpected incidents, such as theft. This coverage is especially helpful for business personal property (BPP) losses, which are commonly claimed.

Property insurance can help businesses recover from losses like damage to property, lost income, payroll expenses, and temporary workspace rental costs. Surviving these losses is only half the battle; navigating the recovery process is the other half. So, property insurance is crucial for businesses to tackle these common and potentially devastating situations.

Property Owners or Renters

Businesses risk major losses when renting or owning office space.

Equipment Owners or Renters

Businesses with expensive or unique equipment face difficulties if the equipment gets damaged and needs to be replaced.

On-Site Products or Inventory

Losing products or inventory can be disastrous for businesses without a safety net. Recovering from theft or damage becomes a risky endeavor.

Why You Need Property Insurance?

Property damage can happen due to natural disasters or human actions. Businesses may find it challenging to deal with such situations.

A weekend fire could make your office and resources unusable, causing a rush to find temporary workspace. This could lead to customer and employee anxiety, and a decrease in cash flow.

Insurance for property helps businesses when their property is lost or damaged. This saves businesses from using their own money to fix the problem and keep customers happy. This insurance also covers lost income and payroll during the interruption period.

Reasons to Get Property Insurance

What Does Property Insurance Cover?

Refer to your policy documents for coverage details. Directors and officers insurance commonly covers the following.

Owned or Rented Space

Property insurance covers the cost of replacing vandalized business signs and fences.

Owned or Rented Equipment

If a storm damages your company’s high-tech equipment, product insurance can help with recovery.

On-Site Products or Inventory

If thieves take most of your inventory, this policy covers the replacement costs, so you can quickly resume business.

Property Insurance Claim Examples

Here are some claim examples that illustrate what Property Insurance covers:


A fire destroyed a software company’s server room and most of the equipment on the first floor. The insurance company promptly paid out the full amount of over $600,000 as the insured met the coinsurance requirements.


A burglar broke into an online jewelry store and stole computers and jewelry. The company was reimbursed for the computers, but the insurance policy only covered $5,000 of the jewelry loss.

Property Insurance FAQ

What’s Not Covered?

How Much Does Property Insurance Cost?

Property insurance costs depend on asset value, but other factors also contribute.

Bad stuff happens.

Imagine a policy that actually covers it.

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