Key Person & Contract Frustration

Coverage for the loss of an essential team member is available. It gives funds for business recovery and eases investor worries while allowing you to focus on the future.

Who is Key Person Insurance for?

Losing a key team member can bring strong emotions. Leaders may face challenges with investors, reimagining the future, and comforting the team. Though all deaths are important, losing someone so central can leave a big wound in the professional world.


Key person insurance offers reassurance to investors and can attract new ones.


The payout can help cover costs after the loss.


Job security should not be a concern for your team after a tragedy.

Why You Need Key Person Insurance?

Key person insurance, also known as key man insurance, helps a company when it loses a crucial member. This policy is similar to life insurance, providing money so the company can move forward without that person. The payout can ease investors’ concerns and help find a replacement while others can focus on moving forward.


If a key employee dies, the business may fold due to their crucial role in finances.

Partner Buyout

Partnerships commonly continue even after one partner’s passing. In such cases, the surviving partner may wish to purchase the departed partner’s share.

Top Salesperson

If a top salesperson dies, the company’s finances may be seriously affected.

Reasons to Get Key Person Insurance

What Does Key Person Insurance Cover?

Key person insurance is like life insurance for important individuals in the business. If the key person passes away during the policy, the business will receive a death benefit. In the past, getting this insurance was difficult due to paperwork and medical tests. BrandRock now offers Contract Frustration Insurance, a customized product that simplifies the process and protects your business more effectively.

Traditional Key Person v.s Contract Frustration

Length of term

Traditional Key Person
Life Insurance

Choose from 1, 5, or 10 year terms. Ten year terms are most common, with annual payments. Fewer options are available for shorter terms.


This policy is for 12-18 month terms to align with venture-backed startup funding cycles.


Traditional Key Person
Life Insurance

Full underwriting includes blood, urine, and doctor record retrieval. Third party inspection may also be required. The process takes about 4-6 weeks, but scheduling conflicts may cause delays.


No exams, no doctor visits, and no financial history required. Policy can be issued quickly after payment. Simply complete a short questionnaire for a quote. Easy insurance solution for VCs and startups.

Carrier Quality

Traditional Key Person
Life Insurance

We use insurance companies in the US that meet additional state laws. This provides safer policies, including a state fund to pay out claims if the carrier goes bankrupt and policyholder complaint options.


This policy doesn’t need extra approval from state regulators. It’s backed by Lloyd’s of London, a highly experienced and financially stable A+ carrier.


Traditional Key Person
Life Insurance

Getting the insurance limit you need may be difficult due to strict guidelines. Companies may face challenges if they are pre-revenue or just starting out and their value and revenue are being considered during underwriting.


Policyholders can choose limits up to $5m, with options for higher limits up to $20m through our connections with traditional carriers.

Claim Payment

Traditional Key Person
Life Insurance

The policy pays beneficiaries a one-time amount determined before approval. Underwriting is done before policy is effective.


The policy pays the determined loss to the policyholder after the key person’s death. Underwriting determines the full extent of the loss at that time.

Contract Frustration Insurance FAQ

Is Medical Required?

No medical exams needed for BrandRock’s CFI product. Key Person policies require exams.

How Long is the Underwriting Period?

BrandRocks CFI underwriting is quick, unlike traditional Key Person policies that can take up to three weeks or more.

Is Total Disability and Sickness Covered?

BrandRock’s CFI covers disability and sickness.

How Much CFI Should I Buy?

Assess how losing a key employee would affect your business financially before determining how much insurance to purchase.

Bad stuff happens.

Imagine a policy that actually covers it.

Shoot us your email and we’ll kick off a conversation to help get you a quote on the best coverage for your brand.