Intellectual Property

Protect your intellectual property with insurance that covers legal fees and enforcement, even if claims are unfounded. Don't risk your budget and assets.

What Is Intellectual Property Insurance?

IP insurance protects companies from claims of infringement and lawsuits for IP rights violations. It covers legal fees and enforcement in one policy, preventing financial drain from frivolous lawsuits.

Intellectual property insurance covers legal expenses for IP-related lawsuits. Defense policies can help pay for judgments or settlements against you. Enforcement policies allow you to sue infringers and be reimbursed for legal costs.

Protecting intellectual property (IP) is just as important as tangible assets. IP refers to legal rights for intangible assets. Examples include:


A logo or company symbol.

Trade Secrets

A recipe, formula, or process.


Original lyrics, poem, speech, etc.


Utility, plant, or design patents (i.e., pharmaceutical patents).

Reasons to Get Intellectual Property Insurance

Intellectual Property Coverage

This coverage protects companies with patents from lawsuits, including patent or trademark infringement.

Why You Need Intellectual Property Insurance Coverage?

Intellectual property refers to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and more. Items such as Coca-Cola’s formula and the Nike Swoosh must be safeguarded. IP litigation is costly because of its worth. Infringement claims can exceed $3 million.

Intellectual property insurance helps companies in various industries. But businesses with the these exposures often get the most from IP coverage:

What Does Intellectual Property Insurance Cover?

Check your policy to see what’s covered by your intellectual property insurance. Here’s what’s usually covered and what’s not.

Defense Coverage

This protects companies from liability for copyright or other intellectual property infringement, covering legal costs and settlements.

Enforcement Coverage

If you own patents, copyrights, or trademarks, your insurance can help you be proactive. With approval from the underwriter, your policy can fund litigation against those who infringe on your intellectual property, allowing you to recover lost income from the infringement.

Patent Insurance

Patent insurance covers intellectual property, such as patents and copyrights. Not all policies cover patent lawsuits.

Intellectual Property Insurance Claim Example

Here’s a claim example that illustrates what Intellectual Property Insurance covers:

Nintendo vs. iLife

Nintendo was sued by iLife for supposedly stealing their accelerometer technology, which they said was utilized to create the Wii Remote. iLife held the rights to this technology through a patent and requested $144M in damages for the 36 million Wii gaming systems sold. The jury agreed on a $10M award for iLife, which was upheld on appeal.

How Can I Manage My IP Insurance Policy and Risks?

Protecting your intellectual property starts with recognizing its worth. Previously, companies primarily valued tangible assets like buildings and equipment, but priorities have shifted.

Technology has changed every industry, making intangible assets like IP now comprise up to 80% of a company’s balance sheet. But this also alters a business’s risk landscape.

Companies must protect their digital assets beyond media liability policies. While a commercial general liability policy may cover various losses, it may exclude intellectual property infringement and trademark infringement cases.

Insurance companies now use a combination of policies, including IP insurance and cyber liability insurance, for better protection. However, risk management goes beyond insurance. Leaders must determine industry-specific best practices to effectively manage IP insurance policies and risks.

Crime Insurance FAQ

What’s Not Covered?

Cyber insurance has limits like other policies and doesn’t cover certain claims, including:

Be aware of gaps in your insurance policies when it comes to cyber-related losses. Lawsuits may include claims that aren’t covered by non-cyber policies. Consult a trusted commercial insurance broker to make sure you have adequate coverage.

How Much Does Intellectual Property Insurance Cost?

The price of IP insurance depends on location, past claims, and policy limits. Insurance carriers also consider other factors when determining premiums.

IP insurance cost varies depending on company size, developmental stage, and other factors.

Insurance Brokers For Intellectual Property Insurance

BrandRock is an insurance brokerage that uses data to serve innovative industries. We work with clients and underwriters to create efficient and reliable risk management products. Our team specializes in intellectual property insurance. We partner with insurance carriers to develop tailored risk management programs for public and venture-backed companies. We understand that companies need creative solutions to manage costs while getting the best coverage.

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