Last-Mile Delivery Insurance

This policy protects businesses and drivers from legal liabilities during deliveries of various goods such as laundry, food, and medical supplies. Delivery drivers face high risks, but we have you covered.

Who is Last-Mile Delivery Insurance for?

Delivery drivers face many risks in the fast-growing last-mile industry. They transport a wide range of items to customers every day, including food and medical supplies.

Courier services

Couriers face many risks delivering all sorts of items.

Delivery services

Delivering various services like medical supplies, laundry, pet care supplies, and gifts is important.


Car rental services, logistics, etc. fall under the category of transportation.

Why you need Last-Mile Delivery Insurance?

Last-mile delivery insurance can cover property damage, bodily injury, and third-party lawsuits. It’s important to have insurance in case a delivery driver damages a customer’s property or injures someone while making a delivery. Legal fees in these situations can be very expensive, but last-mile delivery insurance can help.

Reasons to Get Last-Mile Delivery Insurance?

What Does Last-Mile Delivery Insurance Cover

Your policy is verified, and last-mile delivery insurance covers these risks:


Companies that use vehicles for their services face a significant risk of injuring others. For instance, a delivery driver may collide with another vehicle and hurt its occupants. Similarly, a bike courier might lose control on a newly paved road, causing physical harm. Therefore, last-mile delivery service firms prioritize the prevention of bodily injuries.

Property damage

Third-party lawsuits can happen when a professional damages property or causes harm. Accidents, like a car leaking oil or a delivery driver crashing, can occur. Companies that provide last-mile delivery services plan for unexpected scenarios.


On-demand companies prioritize cybersecurity due to the $4 million global average cost of data breaches. Last-mile delivery services frequently use apps. If a cybercriminal accessed your network, it could cause significant problems for your customers, leading to income loss and financial harm to your business.

Last-Mile Delivery Insurance FAQ

How Much Does Last-Mile Delivery Insurance

Underwriters consider various factors when evaluating last-mile delivery insurance risk. For General Liability and HNOA policies, they evaluate:

Bad stuff happens.

Imagine a policy that actually covers it.

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