General Liability

Protect your business from common risks like injuries, property damage, and advertising claims. General liability insurance ensures your operations keep running smoothly, even in unexpected circumstances.

What Is General Liability Insurance?

Business liability insurance protects businesses from unexpected expenses due to operational risks.

General liability insurance covers injuries and damages caused by your business to others. This includes bodily injuries, property damage, and personal or advertising injuries. For example, if a customer gets hurt in your store, your insurance can help with medical costs and legal fees if sued. If your business damages a client’s property, insurance can cover repair or replacement costs.

General liability insurance protects your business from financial losses due to claims related to libel, slander, copyright infringement, or invasion of privacy related to your business activities. It acts as a shield, ensuring your operations remain stable during accidents or marketing mishaps.

Who Needs General Liability Insurance Coverage?

Every business, no matter how big or what industry it is in, needs general liability insurance. Whether you have a store, a startup, or work from home, you face risks every day. Someone could get hurt on your property, a product you sell could be dangerous, or you could accidentally damage someone’s property while working. General liability insurance helps protect against these risks. Some businesses that benefit from this type of insurance include:


Start-up companies must avoid costly legal disputes to maintain momentum.

Small Businesses

Around 40% of small business owners may face a liability claim within the next 10 years.

Property Renters

Lack of products or inventory can harm businesses. Without adequate protection, restoring stolen or damaged property is precarious.

Companies with Visiting Customers

Shops often face claims from customers who slip and fall on their premises.


General liability insurance provides extensive coverage for common risks faced by businesses. This policy, also called “all-risk” or “slip-and-fall” insurance, protects against personal or property damage as well as bodily injury occurring on the business premises.

General Liability Insurance Covers: 

Reasons to Get General Liability Insurance

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

Check your policy to know what your general liability insurance covers. Usually, it covers:

Bodily Injury

General liability covers medical expenses, legal fees, and damages if someone is injured on your business premises or due to your operations.

Property Damage

This insurance policy can cover costs to repair or replace property damaged by your business.

Personal and Advertising Injury

General Liability can cover expenses for libel, slander, copyright infringement, and invasion of privacy claims that may cause financial burden.

Legal Defense Costs

Legal expense coverage for defending against covered claims, including attorney fees and court costs.

General Liability Insurance Claim Examples

We can customize your insurance policy to cover any gaps in your company’s unique risk profile.

Bodily Injury Claim

A bakery forgot to put out a “wet floor” sign and an elderly customer slipped, resulting in a hip fracture. The bakery’s insurance covered the customer’s medical expenses, physical therapy costs, and legal fees.

Property Damage Claim

A tree pruning job gone wrong caused damage to a client’s garage roof. The landscaping company’s insurance policy covered the repair costs, saving them from a major financial loss.

Advertising Injury Claim

A fashion seller used an online image for advertising without realizing it breached copyright. The photographer sued for infringement, but the retailer’s insurance policy covered their legal fees and settlement, avoiding a financial hit.

Reputational Harm Claim

A restaurant owner posted a bad review of a rival restaurant on social media. The rival sued for defamation. Fortunately, the owner’s insurance covered the legal fees and settlement. Without the policy, the owner would have faced a big expense.

General Liability Insurance Cost Factors

General liability insurance cost can be influenced by several factors, including but not limited to:

Business Industry

Additional Side A coverage responds if the insured exhausts the rest of the policy.

Business Size

Larger businesses typically have more exposure to risk, and thus, may have higher insurance costs.

Business Location

If your business is located in an area with a high incidence of claims or litigation, your premiums may be higher.

Years in Business

Companies with a longer business history may have lower premiums, especially if they have a strong record of safety and few claims.

Claim History

If your business has a history of many claims, insurers may consider you high risk, increasing your premiums.

Coverage Limits and Deductible

Higher coverage limits and lower deductibles can lead to higher premiums, but provide greater protection.

Number of Employees

More employees can increase the risk of potential claims, influencing the cost of the insurance.

Business Operations

Specific activities, such as those involving hazardous materials, may increase the risk and therefore the cost of insurance.

General Liability FAQ

What Does A General Liability Policy Not Cover?

General liability insurance doesn’t cover everything. Workers’ compensation covers employee injuries, errors and omissions insurance covers professional mistakes, and commercial property insurance covers damages to your own business property.

How Can I Manage My General Liability Policy & Risks?

Regularly update your General Liability policy to match your evolving business needs. Stay in contact with your insurance broker to ensure your coverage remains sufficient.

General Liability Insurance Cost?

General liability insurance cost varies based on your business type, location, size, and risk level. Industries with high risks or frequent claims will have higher premiums. Despite the cost, general liability insurance offers valuable financial protection and is considered a worthwhile investment.

Insurance Brokers For General Liability Insurance

BrandRock offers data-driven insurance brokerage to innovative industries. We specialize in developing risk management products and providing cyber insurance services. We collaborate with top insurance carriers to create tailored programs for public and venture-backed companies, ensuring cost management and excellent coverage.

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