Content Creator Insurance

Did you know that there's a type of insurance that can protect content creators and influencers in the social media space? It's called content creator insurance! This insurance helps protect against third-party lawsuits when someone claims personal injury due to a third-party product promoted by the creator. So don't worry, you can create and share with confidence knowing you have some protection.

What Is Content Creator Insurance?

Content creator insurance, also called influencer insurance, is a type of media liability policy. It protects content creators in social media from third-party lawsuits, including allegations such as defamation, plagiarism, copyright infringement, and more.

Our coverage is different from other media liability policies in the industry. It’s designed for individual creators without the need for an LLC. Our policy also includes additional extensions.

Our policy covers content creators on multiple platforms and social media channels, including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch. If content creators promote or endorse third-party products, they may need liability insurance to protect against lawsuits. This insurance is often required by brands and is crucial for creators’ safety.

Reasons to Get Content Creator Insurance

Content Creator Coverage

Content creator insurance safeguards creators across different industries like lifestyle, makeup, fashion, gaming, etc. It provides coverage for creators on various platforms and social media channels. This liability protection offers a broad safety net, which is beneficial for many creators and influencers.

Who Needs Content Creator Insurance Coverage?

Instagram Creators

IG creators should avoid expensive legal issues when launching new products or services.

YouTube Creators

Like IG, YouTube is popular for info, so creators must be careful educating a broad audience.

Twitch Streamers

Twitch is often used for entertainment, but with so many opinions and recommendations, it can lead to legal issues.

TikTok Creators

TikTok creators must carefully deliver their message within a limited time frame.


Agencies must guard against lawsuits in the digital age.

What Does Crime Insurance Cover?

This policy protects content creators from social media lawsuits at an affordable price. It gives peace of mind and fulfills contractual liability requirements for popular brands.


Creators must be mindful of defamation, whether intentional or not. It is crucial to prioritize legal compliance through transparency, which is not always practiced faithfully. Social media creators must also be vigilant of slander and libel, which are prevalent issues.

Personal Injury

Advertising injuries can harm a person or business’s reputation. Influential words on social media can cause personal offense, reputational damage, customer loss, and financial harm.


FTC advises using #sponsored or #ad to mark sponsored posts, but many creators don’t follow. Some creators don’t label their posts at all and FTC has more ignored rules.

Targeted Hacks

Get coverage up to $500 per day for lost or suspended social media channels with our add-on targeted hack extension.

How Can I Manage My Content Creator Policy & Risk?

To manage a media liability policy, first understand the risks. Creators publish on multiple platforms, potentially reaching a large audience and increasing exposure with each new follower.

Creators should be aware of their legal responsibilities when celebrating subscriber milestones. The FTC is increasingly assertive and noncompliance can be expensive. Stay current on regulations and consider seeking advice from your commercial insurance broker who can also provide guidance on cyber safety and business scaling.

What Does A Content Creator Policy Not Cover?

Content creator insurance protects against many things but not intentional acts or damage. If an influencer harms someone or property intentionally, they are not covered. It may not cover the costs or damages if an influencer is sued for invasion of privacy.

Influencer insurance may not cover claims of intellectual property infringement or breach of contract. A policy may not provide coverage if a content creator is sued for using copyrighted material without permission or failing to fulfill a contractual obligation. It is important for content creators to review their insurance policy carefully and work with a commercial insurance broker specializing in media liability to ensure appropriate coverage for their unique risks.

How much does Content Creator Insurance cost?

Commercial insurance policies and content creator insurance both depend on various factors, but content creator insurance mainly considers the revenue to determine coverage and costs. See estimated amounts in the chart below.

Content Creator Claim Examples

Here are some claim examples that illustrate what Content Creator Insurance covers:

Fyre Festival

In 2017, the Fyre Festival used Instagram influencers like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, and Emily Ratajkowski to market their luxury music event. The festival failed, the organizer is now in jail for wire fraud, and lawsuits were filed, including one seeking to recover money paid to the influencers. Jenner was allegedly paid $275,000.

Bethany Mota and Studio 71

In 2017, American vlogger Bethany Mota agreed to promote a skincare product on her social media for $325,000. She was flown to Hawaii to create the content but didn’t fulfill her contractual obligations. Media agency Studio 71 is seeking damages and refusing to pay Mota for the campaign.

Content Creator Insurance FAQ

What’s Not Covered?

This coverage doesn’t cover all media liability allegations.

How Much Does Crime Insurance Cost?

Content creator insurance rates increase with higher revenue. The coverage limit and premium cost are based on revenue amount.

Insurance Brokers For Content Creator Insurance

BrandRock is an insurance brokerage that uses data to serve innovative industries. We develop risk management products and work with clients and underwriters to ensure transparency, efficiency, and reliability. Our team specializes in providing insurance for content creators.

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