We read the fine print.

Born From The Ashes.
Founders With Scars.

We get what it's like to be in the trenches as a founder. Because we've been there ourselves.

How it All Began

Born From Ashes​

BrandRock was born out of experience. No, not experience in the insurance industry. We were born from the founder experience (we’ll leave the insurance stuff to our partners at Marsh McLennan Agency – they’re more pro than we’d ever hope to be).

Matt Matros, a BrandRock co-founder and former 4x founder himself, had one of those “oh s*hit” moments when a $2M worth of LIMITLESS drinks finished goods on the way to WalMart had a pin-hole sized defect. Everybody involved denied responsibility: the can manufacturer, the storage facility, and – you guessed it – the insurance policy.

He survived the scars, ate the loss, sold the brand, and ventured off to start BrandRock. Sure, it leans a little more towards the “boring” side of the scale in business, but Matt’s experience as a founder helped him see a need and develop an unquenchable desire to fix it.

Our "Why"

BrandRock Vision & Mission

You don’t know what you’re paying for until it’s too late. We learned the hard way so you don’t have to.

Our mission is to make sure no founder is ever in a situation like we were – out of luck despite being told we were doing the right things.

Friends of BrandRock

We’ve partnered with the leading service providers in food, beverage and consumer to bring you only trusted products and the right expertise.

The Results

Frozen Food Brand

More coverage, less money.

More than doubled coverage and slashed premiums by 20%, despite the brand nearly doubling in sales.

$70M Vertically Integrated Meat Snack

Identified massive exposure.

Identified mission-critical holes in coverage related to product liability, spoilage, and worker’s compensation risks.

$20M Beverage Brand

Deleted the fine print.

Mandated that existing carrier remove a variety of exclusions which would have left brand without significant coverages.


When Matt set out to solve the problem of under-insured founders, he was emboldened by how many stories like his he heard from other founders. One of those people was Mark Ramadan. The two formed a partnership and joined forces with Sam Zaiser, who for nearly a decade has been leading the Food, Beverage and Consumer practice for Marsh McLennan Agency, one of the world’s leading brokerages.

A multiple time founder with 3 exits, Matt lives in Brooklyn NY with his wife , son and dog.

Matt Matros


A seasoned founder, CEO and board member with 2 exits, Mark lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and son.

Mark Ramadan


The leading expert on food, beverage and consumer products risk, Sam lives in Cardiff, CA with his wife and dog.

Sam Zaiser

Co-Founder, Head of Brokerage


Understanding the complicated and nuanced risk landscape of the food and beverage industry requires a partner with the expertise to protect your brand and your investments. BrandRock has an exclusive partnership with Marsh McLennan Agency to deliver comprehensive insurance solutions and risk management services.  Marsh & McLennan Insurance Agency LLC (MMA) provides business insurance, employee health & benefits and other services to organizations and individuals seeking limitless possibilities. With over 10,000 colleagues and 170 offices across North America, MMA combines the personalized service model of a local consultant with the global resources of the world’s leading professional services firm, Marsh McLennan (NYSE: MMC).

MMA Insurance License No: CA License No. 0H18131


Marsh McLennan Agency writes the most volume of premium with the Top 70 global carriers, allowing us to secure premier pricing, terms, and service.

And dozens more with standing appointments.

Bad stuff happens.

Imagine a policy that actually covers it.

Shoot us your email and we’ll kick off a conversation to help get you a quote on the best coverage for your brand.