Hired & Non-Owned Auto

Coverage for employees using personal vehicles for business purposes protects against damages incurred during deliveries or transportation.

Who is HNOA Insurance for?

Hired and non-owned auto insurance covers damages when employees use their vehicles for business. It includes defense costs, liability claims, and settlements after an accident. This policy also covers any hired vehicle used for business errands. Personal auto policies may not always cover these damages.

On-demand services

The on-demand industry often connects with customers in a personal vehicle.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Suppose you hired a limo to drive a board member to the airport from the office.


Consider the exposure of an employee picking up a tool or piece of equipment in their vehicle.

B2B Services

A CEO uses their personal vehicle to drive to a board meeting.


An employee uses their car to deliver paperwork to a client.


An employee drives to pick up office supplies in their personal vehicle.

Reasons to Get HNOA Insurance

HNOA Insurance Coverage

Check your policy documents to confirm your coverage. HNOA insurance covers items like:

Why you need HNOA Insurance?

Employees often use personal vehicles for work purposes, such as food delivery and courier services. However, accidents can still occur during delivery, regardless of the goods being transported.

What Does HNOA Insurance Cover

Check your policy documents to see what HNOA insurance covers. Here are some examples.

Crime Insurance Claim Examples

Here are some claim examples that illustrate what Crime Insurance covers:

Personal Vehicle

An employee uses their own car for company errands or meetings with clients. If there’s an accident, HNOA will assist.

Hired Vehicle

A team member crashes a rented vehicle while at a conference. HNOA steps in to help.

HNOA Insurance FAQ

What’s Not Covered?

How Much Does HNOA Insurance Cost?

HNOA insurance cost depends on various factors considered by carriers. Here are some points they consider for your premium calculation:

HNOA Insurance Terminology

Bad stuff happens.

Imagine a policy that actually covers it.

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