Employee Health & Benefits

Offering health and employee benefits can help support employees' wellbeing, retain new talent, and save money on company taxes. This includes healthcare, vision and dental, life insurance, and retirement plans like 401(k).

Who is Employee Health and Benefits for?

Providing health and employee benefits insurance can make attracting and retaining talent easier. This coverage includes healthcare, vision, dental, and life insurance, as well as retirement plans like a 401(k).

Group coverage is cheaper than buying individually, and it also offers tax savings, HIPAA compliance, and record management. If you need assistance with health and benefits programs or are unhappy with your current broker or PEO, we can help.

Let us help you with your health and benefits program! Whether you're new to this or simply unhappy with your current broker or PEO - we've got your back.

Launching for the First Time

For new businesses, providing Employee Benefits can help attract talent. We work with startups and know how important it is to build a skilled team. Offering a health and benefits program provides candidates with confidence when applying.

Considering a PEO

Consider a PEO if it fits your needs. It’s a good idea for companies to delegate tasks like Payroll and HR support to a PEO until they can afford to hire someone in-house. Let us connect you with the right PEO across the country.

Outgrowing a PEO

Growing companies may eventually need to move on from their PEO to save money. However, using a PEO can be a way to show investment in employees and improve retention.

Why you need Employee Health & Benefits

Good employee benefits can help businesses keep top talent happy and productive. Offering healthcare and benefits is affordable for businesses of all sizes.

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Health & Benefits FAQs

What’s the average price per employee for group benefits?

There is no fixed price for insurance. Your cost depends on your company size, location, and type of insurance you choose. In California, age is a big factor, but in New York, age does not affect rates.

Can you offer better pricing than my current PEO?

PEOs charge per employee, which can add up fast with monthly fees. Our options offer competitive rates without hidden costs.

What makes one plan more expensive than the other?

Price differences in plans can be influenced by various factors like carrier network, overall deductible, and location.

How long is the quoting process?

If you’re in New York, you’ll get quotes in 24 hours. For other states, expect 3 to 5 business days.

How much time do I need to properly get my plan in place on time?

Companies usually take 6-8 weeks to finish this process, allowing enough time for employees to consider their choices and select the appropriate plan.

Bad stuff happens.

Imagine a policy that actually covers it.

Shoot us your email and we’ll kick off a conversation to help get you a quote on the best coverage for your brand.