Your business is insured. But is your brand?

Bad stuff happens. Imagine a policy that actually covers it.

We get it, insurance is boring. And confusing. And a bit scammy. We're here to change that.
We don't want you to ever hear the words "that's not covered" ever again.

In partnership with Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC

Building in stealth mode. For now...

Buying insurance doesn't have to suck.

Brands on the move need a partner to shield them from potential risks, roadblocks, & uncertainty. We’re the insurance broker that will “actually cover it” for those unexpected times when the unthinkable happens.

We've been there.

Brands of all shapes and sizes should have equal access the the best insurance policies on the planet. That’s why we’ve partnered with Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC to insure what others can’t. The unexpected.

Born from scars.

BrandRock was born out experience. No, not experience in the insurance industry – that’d just be gross. We were born from the founder experience (we’ll leave the insurance stuff to our partners at Marsh & McLennan Agency – they’re more pro than we’d ever hope to be).

Matt Matros, a BrandRock co-founder and former 4x founder himself, had one of those “oh s*hit” moments when a gigantic batch of LIMITLESS drinks had a pin-hole sized defect. Everybody involved denied responsibility: the can manufacturer, the storage facility, and – you guessed it – the insurance policy.

He survived the scars, ate the loss, sold the brand, and ventured off to start BrandRock. Sure, it leans a little more towards the “boring” side of the scale in business, but Matt’s experience as a founder helped him see a need and develop an unquenchable desire to fix it.

Meet our co-founders.

Protein Bar and Kitchen & LIMITLESS

Founder with two 8-figure exits and an ‘acqui-hire’ | My lessons & learnings are your shortcuts.

Matt Matros


Hu & Sir Kensington's

Passionate purpose-driven leader, focused on enabling people to do their life's best work.

Mark Ramadan


ForceBrands & PINATA

ForceBrands | Founder & Motivator in ChiefFounder & Motivator in Chief ForceBrands Founder, Brand Builder, Investor and Connector of Creators

Josh Wand


Students Shout Out

Studio Rental

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Studio A

Studio Size: 42ft x 21ft
Amenities: Air Conditioning, Wi-Fi, Sound System, Dressing Room, Kitchen, Toilets

Studio B

Studio Size: 68ft x 37ft
Amenities: Air Conditioning, Wi-Fi, Sound System, Dressing Room, Kitchen, Toilets

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If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re building in stealth mode for now. So there’s no direct “get a quote” or “schedule a call” buttons just yet.

But if you made it this far, you’re probably responsible for a brand that you built from the ground up. And you probably want to make sure that your brand (and you) are protected by the best insurance policy out there.

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Bad stuff happens.

Imagine a policy that actually covers it.

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